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With our innovation in automation, instrumentation and embedded control LABB Technologies Inc. is making a difference in a multitude of different industries, from the best turntable in the world to advanced seismograph systems.

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With the latest innovations in the field of automation, we are able to significantly reduce costs in system integration. These technologies are now ready for smaller industries. Be part of the future today and increase your profit margin along the way.

Integrated services

The size of project is not important; at LABB Technologies, we can integrate all services from the idea of the product, through R&D processes, to the complete solution ready to manufacture.


Innovation is the key factor of our development. With innovation we significantly reduce costs in system integration. We are always looking for new talent and projects.

Circuit design

Component libraries are critical aspects of circuit design equally for schematic symbols, parts layout/footprint and 3D modelling. We use our experience to create our own libraries for any new component.

Speed controller for Kronos

LABB Technologies developed the complex 32bit arm processor circuit which performs a synchronized dual feedback speed control on each of two DC motors. This became an instrumental part of the Kronos Audio turntables. The Kronos design is musical and faithful to the recorded material. By this design the vibration which is present in suspended turntable is eliminated and the suspended platform is isolated from environmental and mechanical noise. This turntable is a revolutionary device in music world. These have gone to winning an unprecedented number of awards for the best sound reproduction.

PCB Design

Our PCB team is a group of engineers who design high performance electronic boards according to your embedded processor requirements. Our group can help you in all stages of designing. We can design high density PCBs, multilayer boards, analog, digital, telecommunications, instrumentation circuits ...


Assembly Power Meter Board

Charge Pump Board

Generic Regulator

Infra Low Freq Sensor


Kronos Board

Kronos Speed Controller with Touchpads

LED Driver

Mag Pulse


Miniature Sensor Interface

Android Programmer


Power Meter Board

Super cap Grid Isolator

RS232 to 485 converter

Skin Treatment

Relay Adapter Board


Our team worked in the technology industry on several projects associated with various applications. Some of our jobs are creation of parts, quote and sketch, electronic schema, management of parts and symbols libraries. We have great team for supervision of assembly processes and quality control during the production of electronic circuits. Our team worked on analog, digital, power, load and validation of circuits.

R & D

We offer customised problem solving to bring maximum efficiency to your assembly line, new product, embedded control device, intelligent sensor control and measurement. Our consultants are great team players and work with you and your workforce to get the best solution you need.

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